After a year training under Tom McClintock’s watchful eye I have gained greater muscular strength and, not least, confidence. His deep knowledge of anatomy and the nervous system and the effects on both of the exercises he gives me is both factual and intuitive. Tom’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious. He has cajoled me with humour and, when appropriate, blunt critique, into doing exercises I never thought I could achieve. He is thoroughly professional, punctual and experienced in his work and I should recommend him to anyone – at whatever age or level of fitness – who wants to gain strength, good posture and greater self confidence. 


I needed to find a system that would return me to good physical condition, having had to slow down following a pacemaker implant a few years ago. After a 5 year stint in the military in my 20’s, involving extreme fitness and sports, this was obviously an unwelcome surprise later in life. The pacemaker, combined with several injuries starting to catch up with me (now in my early 50’s) left me in a bit of a fitness rut. Regular long walks and weekly workouts in a local gym weren’t quite cutting it and I found myself struggling with my weight and unable to get back into any kind of decent physical condition. After extensive research and advice from former military buddies I finally hit on kettlebells – cardio and strength training combined. I went to Tom to learn how to use kettlebells at home. Long story short I’ve never felt better and wish I’d discovered KB’s (and Tom) years ago! Toms extensive knowledge is evident, second only to his ability to pass that knowledge on. Every session was individually tailored and I’ve learned a combination of exercises that are both challenging and enjoyable. During each KB session I can literally feel the endorphins kick in. After only 2 months I’m already at the point where I’m able to double my standard gym sessions with plenty left over. I will be returning for further sessions when I’m ready to learn some more techniques…


“I started training with Tom in 2007 with the goal of gaining definition and improving overall fitness health. My preference was for a full body circuit routine, which Tom designed and I still use today. His program successfully helped me get lean and develop definition. Afterwards Tom introduced dead weight exercises and kettlebells into our sessions. The variations to my routine proved enjoyable and immensely useful in achieving my fitness goals. Training several times weekly with Tom who has a vast knowledge of exercise routines put me in the best physical shape of my life. In addition to superb training he is a brilliant guy and I greatly enjoyed having him and his lovely wife visit me in Ibiza on holiday.”


“I’ve been training with Tom for 3 years, and of all the trainers I’ve worked with, he’s the one who has had the biggest impact. He combines Intensive use of kettlebells with core strength floor exercises. I’m a keen cyclist and Tom has focused on exercises that have really improved my cardio and hill climbing capabilities. He works you hard, and gets results.”


“I have trained with Tom for 7 years. It’s so convenient training at home. We use kettlebells and a TRX which are great. They hardly take up any room to store and you don’t need a large space to train – just the space of a mat. I have used different pieces of equipment and weights in gyms but prefer TRX and kettlebells by far, they really are all you need for a full body workout. Tom is a fantastic, instinctive trainer. It’s always good to spend time with him and he’s given me a lot of confidence in my training that spills out into my life. He’s very clear and precise with instructions. The workouts are varied and challenging and always leave me feeling great and knowing I’ve worked to my max and achieved more than I would alone. Having said that with a “mini gym” at home, and simple workouts devised for me by Tom, I’m much more inclined to work out and maintain my good work. I am now 14 weeks pregnant – We have adapted to an appropriate work out pace and I plan to use bells and TRX throughout my pregnancy.”


“I have been so lucky to be trained by Maz for around 5 years. Her boundless enthusiasm and energy are infectious, so much so my husband has joined in our workouts! The convenience of being trained at home and the flexibility to fit around my timetable and rearrange, sometimes at very short notice (sorry Maz!) means I stay motivated and keep training. From a serious Pilates session, to a run in the park, to skipping in the garden, the variety and fun involved in my sessions with Maz are priceless. They say laughter is the best medicine, it’s also the best accompaniment for effective training! Thank you lovely Maz.”


“Tom introduced me to kettlebells as an addition to my usual weight training. Gradually it has become the best and my favourite way to train. Tom has taught me to get the basics right first and through a simple set of exercises this has gradually become more complex and demanding. He really knows what he is talking about and because he goes through the same training himself knows the challenges. The work with kettlebells has improved my overall fitness and helped a long term knee injury. Tom has guided me through all this making it both motivational and enjoyable, even after ten years.”


“Tom introduced me to kettlebell training about 18 months ago and now this is the only training I do. It’s a great way to train because you get cardio and weight training in the same session! The training is varied to suit the individual but Tom has a keen sense of how to get the best out of you over time and is very encouraging which really helps you progress. Highly recommended. Tom rocks.”


“I started with Tom about 6 months ago. He comes to my home at a time to suit me once a week. Tom’s methods have helped me dramatically improve my fitness levels. I feel better and I look better too! He knows just how far to push me so that I get the maximum benefit from the sessions. His (or my) use of kettlebells and TRX has ensured that every muscle is exercised. Each week is varied and interesting. Tom is a great guy too! Just a shame he supports Man U!”


“I like training with Tom because he keeps me motivated and challanged especially since he introduced me to Kettlebells. Each training session with Tom is different from the one before. With Tom’s expert knowledge of Kettlebells and his guidence, I feel I achieve a more complete workout that is not possible on conventional weight machines.”